A wonderful website aimed at developing better coaches and consequently better players. It contains well researched topics and excellent summaries for those who are not academically minded and puts key learning into easy to apply situations. Below are some examples of model sessions from their website. 

Feature 1 - 8 PLAYERS - Maintaining possession 

A coaching approach where the game teaches the players to look for the free player and space. It allows players to find multiple solutions to the same problem. This is a constraints based approach is one of many coaching process which a coach needs to be able to apply when learning is placed hire than winning.  

Feature 2 - 12 Players - Switching play and finding space 

The following is a wonderful example of how to construct a session and deliver it in a way which allows the players multiple ways of achieving the outcomes you as the coach desire. 

Feature 3 - 14 PLAYERS - Shooting & combination play

The following session is what players love to do, score goals. The most important part of developing players is ensuring they get many opportunities to score goals and play the game. They want to play not be told how they should play.