David was a reasonable young goal-keeper who showed potential but became disenchanted with the game in his late teens. Through limited quality coaching, over training and an unclear player pathway.  David’s performance and enjoyment of the game diminished. This resulted in him moving away from the game for several years to pursue other physical activities.

During this time away from the game he found the Martial Arts and achieved a 3rd degree black belt and a teaching license in Koyru Uchinadi Kempo-Jutsu, studying directly under world renowned Hanshi Patrick McCarthy. David then moved further into the physical education space where he studied at the University of Queensland completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies – Education) and a Masters in Sports Coaching. During his time as a pre-service teacher, David started to coach football to gain a more practical teaching experience and hsi passion for the game was reignited. 

Recently David obtained a 5th degree black belt in Modern Arnis Kombation (Presas Style) studying directly under Master Kurt Graham. This achievement has come through a set of unique experiences which has exposed David to many curriculum's from a number of educational organisations. These varying experiences have shown him that the successful implementation of any curriculum needs to consider the learner and their context to make it meaningful to the coaches and players to aims to influence and engage with.

Since then, he has coached for over a decade at differing levels of the game, from four and five year old children to elite senior players. David is currently the Head Coach of the Female Brisbane Roar (Youth)/Football Queensland Nation Training Championships squad. David has obtained his Asian A class license. David previous  coaching achievements include; involvement in Football Queensland RSJPL & JPL elite junior boys programs for South East Queensland, Kelvin Grove School of Excellence Football program, and is still currently working at St. Peter’s Lutheran College within their football program.

David is a young coach who embraces modern coaching techniques and relates well with junior and senior players, understanding their needs and motivation. David brings a fantastic blend of international academic knowledge with real and practical expertise to this series and he has created this website to promote best practices within coaching to enhance the experience of all involved. "I want to ensure we are developing life long learners who are fundamentally competent in basic movement patterns and physically active for as long as possible, in other words competent well rounded people".